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    Aftershave Balms

    Why use an aftershave balm? If your first thought is about the fragrance, then you’re missing a trick. While aftershave balms do offer a subtle, attractive aroma, that’s not their main job. If you think about it, shaving is a pretty harsh experience for your skin – you’re dragging a very sharp metal blade across a sensitive area – and the best aftershave balms are packed with healing properties.


    If you’re accident-prone, and you’ve been known to accidentally cut yourself shaving, then an aftershave balm is essential! That’s because they have an antiseptic element which will help keep your minor shaving injury just that: minor. But even if you’re not clumsy, they’re worth using. They moisturise the skin, nourishing it and soothing it to leave it soft, fresh and free from irritation.


    Before you buy aftershave balms online, take a peek at the list of ingredients. A good aftershave balm will often contain witch hazel, an all-natural astringent that will tighten your pores and stop them from clogging up, while also getting rid of bacteria and stopping irritation in its tracks. Other soothing ingredients to look out for include tea tree oil, which works as an antiseptic, and relaxing aloe vera.


    Aftershave balms are a particularly good choice for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, as you might find that you react badly to other types of aftershave, such as the more traditional splash-on variety.


    Our collection of aftershave balms is extensive, and we’ve carefully selected the products that we consider to be the absolute best. We still recommend that you read some aftershave balms reviews from other men, particularly to see what people have to say about the fragrance. While the scent isn’t the most important part of an aftershave balm, it’s something that can make or break it! Be sure to choose an aroma that suits you, whether that’s zesty citrus or smoky wood.

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